Launching the Governmental Study Project of Halal Korean Food

관리자님 | 2014.08.27 15:18 | 조회 1646

On 10th Aug, Penta Global Inc. and Our Home Co., Ltd. announced that they were finally selected as official researching bodies for the study project of “Development of Korean food product and menu eligible for halal certification”, which is managed by ‘Korea Institute of Planning and Evaluation for Technology in Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries’ (iPET). The related contract between researching bodies and governmental agency iPET was executed on the same day.


This project is to develop Korean food and menu satisfactory for halal certification, inputting KRW 600 mil. for 2 years. Our Home Co., Ltd. having various experiences in governmental study projects will take the main role of researcher, and Penta Global Inc. which is number 1 leading halal consultancy company in Korea will be co-researcher.


A government official said, “Due to the insufficient information of key factor for penetration into the Islamic market, Korean food industry had difficulties until now though they tried to approach Muslim customers for several years. This study project will be the turning point to Korean industry in solving such problems.”


Considering Islamic countries are interested in Korean food followed by Korean-wave recently, most of Korean food industry can understand the definition and necessity of halal. However, it is still hot issue to proceed practical halal certification due to the lack of information and uncertain guidelines. “The most urgent thing in Korea is to standardize halal certification process based on field knowhow of Penta Global Inc. in processing several major manufacturer’s halal certification”, a member of food company said. Also he added, “Utilizing this standard, it is expected that Korean food industry can easily acquire halal certificate and launch its product in Islamic market with the supporting of Korean government, and Korean food product and menu can improve its competitiveness in worldwide market.”

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